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Nissan’s ‘Project 370z’ Crowdsources a Car

21 Feb


In a move that could be accurately described as “the coolest ever,” Nissan has decided to use social media to crowdsource the development of a new car. The one-off 370Z sports car is Nissan’s way to reaching out to its dedicated and knowledgeable fans to use their input in the best possible way. Project 370Z is also a marketing masterstroke, since parts used to build the car will be off-the-shelf auto parts that any gearhead can pick up at their local shop.

The nerve center is Nissan Performance’s Facebook page, where the following post, made just over 24 hours ago, already has 85 “likes”:

Project 370Z: Stage One is now complete. A few of you noted the desire for larger pipes than we originally offered and we agree. Based on your comments, we’re bumping up the exhaust to a Greddy Turbo Ti-C – a better match for the previously chosen twin turbo kit. Thanks for the input. Later this week we’ll need your help in choosing the right suspension for the Project 370Z car.

The brilliant move on Nissan’s part was specifically targeting the Facebook page. The company notably shunned any sort of formal survey page or webapp, ensuring that the opinions it received were from dedicated, creative, and vocal fans who held car design and performance close to their hearts. This is what crowdsourcing was made for; reaching out to people who are anxious to offer their skills, but would otherwise be unable to.

Nissan will unveil the fan-designed 370Z in May at the ZDayZ auto show in South Carolina.

By Seth W

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