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Take Back Your Snack with Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” Promo

2 Aug

If you’ve ever felt out-of-control of your own snacking experience, Lay’s has your back. With their ongoing “Do Us A Flavor” campaign making the waves on Facebook, the company hopes to tap the brains of their fans to come up with a new potato chip flavor. The reward? One million dollars, or a 1% share of the flavor’s 2013 net sales. Winner’s choice.

Lay's "Do Us A Flavor"

The campaign has already had some success in other countries, where fans of the product have invented such flavors as Caesar salad, shrimp, and sausage. The version that American audiences will see has some impressive features that make it more than a simple “submit and vote” process.

First of all, customers don’t get to vote until the last step, when Lay’s has already narrowed down the flavor options to three. What they can do instead, to show their support, is to click a flavor’s “I’d Eat That” button, a clever replacement for Facebook’s standard “Like”. It’s a small shift but nonetheless┬áre-brands┬áthe “Like” button to be much more relevant, meaning that the number of “Eats” a flavor gets will more closely represent how many people would actually buy the product.

Users can find additional fun with the Do Us A Flavor Facebook App, where participants can compare two random submitted flavors, submit their own for a chance at daily prizes, and have the app “Flavorize” them, which crawls through their profile for zesty words that could describe this person’s character as a flavor. Unfortunately, it would seem I am a deeply boring and slightly disgusting person; my ingredient recommendations were vanilla and egg.

Lay’s will narrow down submissions and start selling the finalists in early 2013, at which point a Facebook vote will decide the winner. Jump over to the Facebook page, and return the power of snacking to the people!

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