I see a lot of websites in the process of writing my blog. Here are some of the most useful, most interesting, and just-plain-coolest ones!

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding - The Industry Website

The site for crowdsourcing and crowdfunding news and resources.

Find out where to get the items you love - ID This Item


Ever asked yourself “what is that item and how do I purchase it?” IDThisItem is here to help.

OpenStudy - Study Together


Ask and answer academic questions in real time with other students and educators. The world is your study group!

CollabFinder - Find Great Programmer, Designer, and Artist Collaborators For Your Next Big Project


Need a team for the next big project you’re planning? Find non-professionals with the exact skills you’re looking for.

The Inked Leaf - Paper with Personality

The Inked Leaf

Not a crowdsourcing site, but nonetheless extremely talented and professional graphic designers at reasonable prices.

Find the best product for you! Get Answers at

Online shopping is cool, but the options can get overwhelming. Get straightforward answers to your questions from users who know.

Barclaycard Ring - Crowdsourced Community Powered Credit Card

Barclaycard Ring

Credit card that cuts down the barriers between the banks and the people by letting the crowd have direct influence over how the card works.

Visual Explanation of Crowdsourcing - oBizMedia

Visual Explanation of Crowdsourcing

Some people are more visual learners, so here’s the rundown on crowdsourcing in an easy-to-digest information graphic courtesy of

What is Crowdsourcing? - YouTube

Video: What is Crowdsourcing?

Wired columnist Jeff Howe, inventor of the term “crowdsourcing”, explains the concept with the help of some cute colorful fish.

Babelverse - People Powered Real-Time Interpretation


Need a translation? Babelverse keeps them on-call for real-time interpretation needs.

/r/Favors: Where The Karma Is Real


On this subsection of Reddit, users trade small bits of expertise or material for altruistic purposes.

Duolingo - Learn English, Spanish and German For Free


Learn Spanish or German while helping to translate the web! English too, but I’m gonna assume you already have a decent grasp on that one.

Daily Crowdsource presents Crowdopolis

Daily Crowdsource presents Crowdopolis

For the pros! If you own a company that wants to dip into crowdsourcing, or you’re just a huge fanatic like myself, pick up a ticket this summer to the first crowdsourcing conference if its kind.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media

A great resource for parents who want to stay vigilant and responsible about their childrens’ digital habits.


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