Update: Gambitious Goes Live, Crowdfunds Video Game Ventures

26 Sep

Via Chris Marlowe at DigitalMediaWire:

Gambitious, the previously announced [on TW too! – ed.] crowdfunding platform dedicated to games, has gone live in the U.S. with seven projects already up and seeking financial support.

As is typical with crowdfunding, Gambitious invites game producers and designers to set their own goals and present their projects to their best advantage. Where Gambitious differs, however, is that it enables projects to offer equity as well as any other investor and donor premiums they want to.

Gambitious CEO Paul Hanraets said this hybrid business model gives game creators more control over their projects and businesses. It also gives the company a foothold in the U.S., where offering equity through crowdfunding is not yet legal.

Hanraets said the passage of the JOBS Act will lead to American investors being able to join their European counterparts in 2013, but until then those in the U.S. can donate in exchange for a copy of the finished game or other considerations.

The Gambitious platform also includes a qualification process that requires a business and marketing plan for every project seeking funding, but guarantees that the creators retain all of their intellectual property.

Gambitious, which is launching in the U.S. later than it originally planned, is a subsidiary of crowdfunding company Symbid.

“It is time to move from the wild, wild, west of crowdfunding to a more professional model,” said Gambitious co-founder Mike Wilson. “Crowdfunding is the best thing to happen to indies since shareware in the 90′s and Gambitious is a transformational way of funding the video game market – legitimizing, protecting, and maximizing the opportunity for all that want a stake in the game.”

Games currently participating in Gambitious include:

    • Candy Kids by Abstraction Games, The Netherlands
    • Cosmic DJ by Gl33k, USA
    • Mushroom Men by Red Fly Studio, USA
    • Piratoons by Fishing Cactus, Belgium
    • Super Micro Heroes by Mutant Games, Spain
    • Tink by Mimimi Productions, Germany
    • Train Fever by Urban Games, Switzerland

Upcoming projects include the beleaguered Earth No More by 3D Realms, as well as:

    • Pantzer Pets by Gamundo, The Netherlands
    • Stronghold Crusaders 2 by Firefly Studios, United Kingdom

It’s worth noting that 3D Realms is the company that produced the first three Duke Nukem games, before floundering on Duke Nukem Forever for fifteen years and handing the project off to Gearbox (Borderlands and Brothers in Arms series). Hopefully their new project won’t take that long.


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