“Dead Inside: Do Not Enter” Is Community-Written Book Of Notes From The Zombie Apocalypse

4 Sep


Dead Inside: Do Not Enter by Lost ZombiesOne of the most prevailing aspects of any zombie-based story is that the event is all-encompassing. You can’t walk a block away and escape the apocalypse; this is your world now. So it’s pretty cool that one of the most gripping, realistic, and touching documentations of such an event was created by the hands of many.

Dead Inside: Do Not Enter: Notes From The Zombie Apocalypse, in addition to being a mouthful of a title, is a book released at about this time last year. It was written collaboratively by the members of Lost Zombies, a community for lovers of zombie culture. The submitted notes were written on matchbooks, postcards, bits of paper, or scrawled across walls, and told the story of the decline of society into a horrific zombie kingdom.

As you can see from the video, the notes are hard-hitting, sympathetic, and extremely realistic. The sheer variety and breadth of stories told is a feat that could not have been easily accomplished by one author. And since the drive to submit material for this book required relatively little work from their community members, they could devote their entire attention to ensuring that the narrative, point of view, and atmosphere for this book were perfect.

I’ve flipped through a few pages, and I gotta admit, it’s a bracing read at times. A small scrap of paper that simply reads “I never loved you and I’m glad you are now one of them” tells more about the survivors than two seasons of horrible plot ever could.



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