Ensure Maximum Swag By Designing Your Own Adidas Shades

19 Jul


Adidas Eyewear recently launched a contest on Talenthouse asking aspiring designers to help them create the next big thing in fashionable glasses.

The contest will consist of three winners: the Adidas design team will choose first and second place winners, who will receive public endorsement from Adidas and $3000 or $500, respectively. A “People’s Choice” prize of $500 will also be rewarded to the submission that receives the most public votes.

The main thing I like about this contest is Adidas’ tight compartmentalization. They realize that as a creative prompt, “design a pair of sunglasses” will result in many entries that are not at all what they’re looking for. To that end, they’ve limited the submissions to a single style of eyeglass, and have even provided a template for easy submission. Any good designer will tell you that restrictions breed creativity, and if it gets Adidas closer to the product they want, added bonus.

Submissions for this project are underway and end July 31st, at which point public voting will take up the first week of August. Winners will be announced on August 28th. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to prove to the world the unblockability of your shine.


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