Cash In With Crowdsourcing — Phone Apps Edition

12 Jun

10 Phone Apps That Can Help You Make Money, by Dana O. Crandell (

Cash in Hand

Right off the heels of my summer money-making advice post the other week, I found this post on Dana Crandell outlines a multitude of ways to crowdsource your spare time for some extra coin, particularly involving iPhone and Android apps. My post mainly covered webapps and the like, so some ways to make dough on the go are more than welcome.

Field Agent, Gigwalk, Checkpoints, WeReward, Shopkick — All these apps are similar in function and reward. Businesses provide what equate to “quests” for users to complete; go to Establishment X, do Task Y, and get rewarded with Z dollars/points. Rewards vary, anywhere from gift cards to straight cash, and the tasks are typically low-impact work like scanning and item or taking a picture.

eBay Mobile — Smartphone apps have only made it easier to sell your and others’ possessions online, so if you have junk lying around that someone else could want, eBay is still the solution. You can also resell locally bought items that you think may be able to turn a profit, or buy “lots” of items and resell them individually. There are lots of ways to game the system, so I won’t get into them here.

AppRewards — This one isn’t as much of a “get-up-and-go” pastime, but if you like trying new iOS apps and writing reviews, this app can make it worth your while with cash and gift card rewards.

If you’re feeling poor and have some downtime, check these apps out! They’ll get you out of the house and pad your spare funds a bit, and who doesn’t like that?


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