Stephen Fry Helps Push Crowdsourced Campaign to Fight HIV

16 May
The Community Campaign Launch Video - YouTube

© 2012 Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

HIV and sexual health clinic 56 Dean Street is teaming up with (awesome) actor Stephen Fry to crowdsource ads designed to raise awareness of HIV. Focused around the Community Campaign Facebook page, the campaign follows the typical “contest” model of crowdsourcing. Ads will be openly accepted from all comers, and the crowd will vote to decide the winners. The best ads will be displayed across multiple media outlets, and heavily featured in prominent London gay bars.

I love campaigns like this, because they target exactly the right audience. The ads will be primarily geared towards gay men, a community already famous for their unique style of creative flair. Add that to the videographers and other content producers from all circles;  they’re more than eager to tackle hot-button issues like HIV, since a controversial or popular video provides publicity for its creators. Also, 56 Dean attaching Stephen Fry to the project opens it up to his entire fan base. Some may not be particularly passionate about HIV awareness or the gay community, but they’ll support anything backed by their idol anyway. Heck, I might not have even seen this campaign if his name didn’t catch my eye.

Essentially, we’ve got a “perfect storm” of creatives that will be chomping at the bit to produce an ad like this, and 56 Dean Street is going to receive an enormous number of submissions. And as a bonus, since this is an awareness campaign, even the process of voting for the final ad will contribute to their overall cause. This is well-done crowdsourcing, and I think 56 Dean will be very pleased with the results. Look to the Facebook page on August 13th, when the submissions will be in and voting can begin.


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