CollabFinder Helps You Build a Creative Team

19 Apr

LifeHacker got to this one before I did, with a better article than I could write, so I’m just gonna give you guys what they gave me.

CollabFinder Helps You Find Collaborators For Your Creative Project - Lifehacker

Have a project or big idea you’re working on and want to find an awesome programmer, illustrator, writer, or designer to help out? CollabFinder is a new site for finding that collaborator.

It’s a pretty simple concept and site: Join, using Facebook, with your details—including your interests, skills and background—and others can pitch their projects to you or you can pitch projects to similar members on the site. You can find collaborators by searching for interests, skills, or those nearby, as well as if anyone is connected to your mutual Facebook friends (I found a couple after joining).

Networking isn’t always easy (especially if you’re a really shy creative type like me). This site, which doesn’t allow recruiters or “business-types” might help you get your project off the ground.

I really like this platform. I already signed up, and I plan on using it to see if anyone wants to get near the public bathroom app I posted about a while ago. Wish me luck, and let me know if you find success with CollabFinder!


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