OpenStudy’s SmartScore Update Makes Me Feel Smart

17 Apr

OpenStudy Updates with SmartScore

I just woke up to an email in my inbox from the OpenStudy team, telling me about the exciting new feature they’re implementing called SmartScoreThis is a score the software calculates from your involvement that’s supposed to demonstrate not only your intelligence, but how well you help others, how skillful you are at problem solving, and how well you work in a group, among others.

Because data like this doesn’t often shop up on a résumé or transcript, SmartScore is a great way for employers to see how talented you are in areas they would normally be unable to measure. In this way, you can take your accomplishments in OpenStudy and better apply them to real life.

Bravo to the platform for a great improvement! OpenStudy gave me a SmartScore of 54, saying that most of my skills lie in problem-solving, and I find that spot-on. Go take a look if you’re on OpenStudy, and if you’re not… why?


2 Responses to “OpenStudy’s SmartScore Update Makes Me Feel Smart”


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