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17 Apr

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Sometimes, you just have a simple question that demands a simple answer. You need a new computer part, or some fashion advice, or a restaurant recommendation, and you don’t want to slog through the information overload that the Internet has become famous for. This is 2012, right? We demand lightning-fast results with minimal hassle. That’s where the crowd-based Q-and-A site comes in to lend a hand.

In a model that reminds me a lot of OpenStudy, aims to provide fast, accurate, crowd-vetted answers to specific questions about a wide range of topics from computer hardware to automotive to hair and makeup. Users post questions, which are usually short, direct, and specific:

  • What is something funny my boyfriend can be for Halloween?
  • What is the best men’s money clip?
  • What is the best video capture card under $100?

Users provide answers in a similar fashion; short and sweet, usually with a link to a relevant product if one has been requested. Users “agree” with answers they like, and the highest-rated one floats to the top, with other options ranked on the sidebar.

And that’s it. No questionable product reviews, no hours doing comparisons, no heavy research, just people who will answer your direct question with a similarly direct answer.  Sign-up is free (and a breeze with Twitter/Facebook account linking) and the traffic flow is high enough that many questions are answered within 24 hours.

So what are you waiting for? I just got a great recommendation for my next computer part purchase… what will the crowd help you with today?


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