FixYa’s new iPhone app lets you ask repair questions on video

15 Oct

Seth Weinstein:

This is so useful I can’t even stand it. Pretend that I’m not on hiatus and spent several paragraphs talking about how cool this is.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Got a broken coffee maker? Then why don’t you grab your iPhone(s aapl), and tell us about it? That’s the idea behind a new iOS app released by product Q&A community FixYa Thursday. The app lets users record short videos about the issues they are having with various devices – and experts respond on video as well. The new video feature represents a big step into mobile for FixYa, and foreshadows an interesting monetization strategy.

FixYa CEO Yaniv Bensadon told me during a recent phone conversation that it was much easier to explain many device defects visually. That’s why he came up with the idea to leverage mobile phone cameras. “Show me what your problem is and I will show you the solution,” Bensadon said, adding that this will also help to grow FixYa’s video inventory beyond the iPhone app. “As soon as a question is posted, it’s gonna appear…

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